Anton's Research Ramblings

Preparing for 2015


In the quiet period before everyone got back to work I decided to organise some of the bits and pieces of experimental code that I'd worked on over the last year. Mostly this has involved putting stuff on GitHub and tidying up messy code into tighter demos. I made some WebGL ports of some of my OpenGL code, and created some drop-ins or "starting point" demos that I thought would be handy for work this year.

All of these are on https://github.com/capnramses.

Objectives First Half 2015

My teaching semester is officially over and reverting to research mode. I put everything into that and more than 100% of my work time so it should be a bit less hectic now. Not really resolutions, but small goals for this half-year:

  1. Small visualisation papers
  2. Work on book chapters
  3. Finish major game project?
  4. Grow knowledge in cache and hardware usage / optimisation techniques

I haven't published a scientific paper in ages - although my book publication last year was a major victory - it would be nice to switch thinking style for a bit.

For reasons I can't quite explain I work about 10x more efficiently on my little side projects than on the _same tasks_ for my main projects. I think the best course of action is to keep doing both simultaneously.

Games Page

Made a list of my games on https://antongerdelan.net/games/. Why not?

I finished the Test Drive game and am down from 3 to 2 current game projects; Crongdor the Barbarian (OpenGL), and Secret Project (WebGL).