Oct 2010 - Mar 2016
My biggest project. Started as a weekend hobby with Ogre3D prototype on my Asus EEE netbook. Rewrote in OpenGL to teach myself shaders and OpenGL. Ships with source code, and I'm going to do some review/educational material. Greenlit for Steam. Itch.io page.

The Mansion of Dr Anton
May 2015
Made this 3d shooter homage from scratch when feeling delirious on a sick day. Play online

Killer Joke
Apr 2015
For Ludum Dare 32 "an unconventional weapon". Collab. with Fintan McGee. jam entry. source. Play online.

OpenGL Test Drive Remake
Oct - Dec 2014
"Recreating horrible CGA in modern OpenGL!" A remake of 1987 game Test Drive. Created as an example for my graphics students. Blog post. source.

Secret Project
Oct 2014
A prototype to explore multiplayer games with WebGL and HTML5. Server in C + web client in JavaScript.

OpenGL DOOM Port
Sep 2014
I ported DOOM to modern 64-bit systems with windowing and OpenGL. I also met the Romeros! Blog post. source.

Mountain King
Apr 2014
For Ludum Dare 29 "beneath the surface". WebGL. Entered the 2-day Jam which allowed us to team up and do music. jam entry. source. Play online.

Dolphin Rescue
Dec 2013
For Ludum Dare 28 "you only get one". Entered 48-hour competition to experiment with using WebGL for a 2d game. comp. entry. source. Play online.

Hamilton Zombie Massacre (prototype)
May 2009
A game prototype I made using my Mk.iv engine. I used the blood fountain particle system later in Crongdor the Barbarian. Windows binary (42 MB).

Mk.iv Battlefield Simulation Engine
Apr 2007 - May 2009
My fourth revision of the tank game. Ogre3D based. The engine was useful for a variety of game and research projects later. Windows binary (74 MB). source.

Robot Soccer Simulator
Feb 2006
A 3d game/simulation for my engineering honours year research - robot soccer motion control. Built on my "Evo 3" game engine.
Evo 3 Engine and Tank Game
My third 3d game engine attempt was successful. I had a couple of years of programming experience and was teaching myself 3d graphics with DirectX 8.