Anton's Research Ramblings

Website Migration Project

My current website is based on a Godaddy host. It's over-priced, painful to maintain, and keeps getting hacked into. I'd like to stop paying them, but the effort to migrate over has stopped me...but I think it's time.

I'm interested in moving to a static site hosted from a GitHub (or similar) repository because it's more convenient to edit and I like the open format. The downside is that my blog is a homemade bit of PHP and I'd be sorry to lose that little project. Everyone is talking about Hugo blogs lately, so I might give that a go. It would be okay for the blog to be offline for a while too.

In any case, I think that will be an October 2016 project, and will give me a chance to tidy up some bits and pieces too (I have a list of errors on my OpenGL pages that need fixing).

I'll probably stop paying for my @antongerdelan.net emails too - I've had everything filtering into a gmail account for a while because it was also painful to use. This might break a few things that still use the older address... I think I'll still keep the antongerdelan.net site though - perhaps there's a pithier address I can grab for next time.