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Steam Greenlight - Crongdor the Barbarian

In the previous post I talked about finishing a hobby video game project called Crongdor the Barbarian. Yesterday I launched it on Steam Greenlight, which is a vote-for-what-should-be-published platform for getting your game onto the Steam marketplace proper. I think it should be a very interesting experience, and it's certainly exciting! Basically, we need to get a whole lot of "YES" votes to get the attention of the Steam staff, and then they decide if they will host it or not. So please visit and give us a vote! It's free to sign in to Steam and vote:

My friend Andrea (@MScDre) is helping me manage everything, which I'm very appreciative of. It's kind of overwhelming to try to submit technical/creative work and also balance the many different online aspects at once, as well as interact with the public who are judging your work, so it's a huge asset to have someone with a bit of experience in this area that can maintain some sort of consistent sanity.

Andrea has set up a website at crongdor.com, which I am also blogging to, and a Twitter for our little collective: @rippedwizards, and a Youtube Channel, and a Facebook page. Talented drama student Romeo has also produced a trailer:

And I put together a little gameplay montage:

We will see how it goes, and I'll try to report back what I learn from the process. In a hobby project there are lots of different elements that may or may not go down well in terms of what people expect from the overall game experience, and really I've been staring at trees so long that I can't see the forest! - It's too hard for me to predict what will happen, and that's a lot of fun!