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Why C is Better than C++

To be clear, when I say "better", I mean universally, for all purposes, superior. Sometimes there are short-cuts in C++, so that it might be quicker to write mostly C, but compile with the C++ compiler. This can be handy for quick prototypes. The short-cuts aren't usually that much shorter though, and newer versions of the C standard do tend to adopt such things eventually.

In short; C is concise, which is not to be under-estimated as a key language feature. There are some few conventions that are a little more ponderous and formal than they need to be...which leads to temptation...

I don't need to list the disadvantages of using C++. The short version is that it's too big to learn in its entirety (especially if you consider the vast range of eccentric styles and design patterns), and extremely prone to over-engineering. This means that it's time-consuming to write and to maintain, and hard to read.