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Touch Screens with WebGL

At my visit to U.o.Hull last week Tim McMullen showed me his WebGL terrain simulation using Dart, and tried it out on a massive touch screen display with all the usual swipe and multi-touch recognition. He also pointed out that this would work directly on Android devices, which is a very nice idea indeed, because it means that I can abandon my port from WebGL to Android ADK/NDK entirely, and just use WebGL for everything! I absolutely loathe Android's development kit, and I really like WebGL, so this is fantastic news. Anyway, I tried it out and it works. Apparently you can get an array of touch events for adding multi-touch support, so I'll have to try that too. Using the mouse events as touch events didn't work very well for me in the past, given the range of controls that I had, so hopefully this will be better.

link to simple demo