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WebGL Things

Building Modelling/Visualisation Project

Our building visualisation research project is winding down. There are a few bits and pieces that I want to play with before it finishes. First of all, we have a little page of demos/experiments from various stages. I keep losing the URL when people ask so I'm pasting it here as a self-reminder: http://phaedrus.scss.tcd.ie/buildviz/demo/. Here's my TODO list:

Other Stuff Going On

I've nearly nearly nearly finished my OpenGL tutorials book. Basically I want to publish a cheap lab manual that is small and practical, without any high-level frameworky stuff obscuring the details. So just an eBook version of my tutorials, as well as some more practical "building a bigger one" chapters, and some honest opinions on what I've found to be flakey or unreliable across implementations (a lot). If I can find a more simplified way to talk about loading skinned meshes then I think it will be really useful.