Anton's Research Ramblings

Some Recent Talks

Shaders - Teaching Modern Computer Graphics

Last week I was invited to do a talk at the University of Hull. I wanted to share some experiences with teaching the modern graphics pipeline with OpenGL especially. It turns out that Hull has a lot of experience with this already, and a game development course of note. It was great to meet some like-minded people, and good to hear that they have had similar experiences and problems.

My slides from the talk: shaders.pdf. I didn't do HTML slides this time, but had a go with LaTeX Beamer. Much of a muchness really, except that you can't browse them as easily. I actually don't usually do bullet-point slides, but rather throw up some pictures and talk. The last slide points out my biggest gripe - and that's that getting a decent collection of reference texts as a student means buying about 3 extremely large and expensive volumes, and still not quite getting a practical instruction manual or lab exercise book.

A Critical Review of IFC Files

I did a talk at a workshop held here at Trinity College on building information modelling. The meetings can be a bit dry so I thought I'd be a bit controversial (as is my custom), and criticise the most popular 3d file format for these projects - IFC "Industry Foundation Classes". The short story is that it's based on a file format called STEP, which is awefully inefficient (as I've talked about in previous posts). I am suggesting instead that projects look at the up-and-coming glTF format, which has all of the flexibility required, as well as being super-efficient with a binary format, and easy to use with a JSON interface. Slides ifc_anton.pdf.