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Binary Mesh Formats

I have a fairly stable custom mesh format. I've also been pulling apart overly verbose or overly large (in bytes) formats. The next step is to have a look at using a binary format. I've never tried this. fwrite() is just as happy to write data values as it is to write the text version of those values. I already have little header lines that say how big blocks should be - already suitable for binary format. So I have the following questions:

I saw a neat little example http://codeheartjs.com/examples/binarydata/. I also recently saw something posted on Twitter about a chapter in the OpenGL SuperBible [from memory] about a direct-to-memory map for doing this. I should probably get a copy of this book.

OpenGL Tutorial Code

I've been busy actually following all my OpenGL tutorials to make sure that the code works, and fixing any errors and typos. I'm putting together a package of all of the demos. There's so many of them! I really should tie this series of tutorials up soon. I've been making an e-book version but it's taking forever. Hopefully there aren't too many ignorant mis-uses of the GL interface in my tutorials. There certainly appears to be a small circle of elite people who know an almost secret way of doing things, not using the main interface, but using bizarrely-named functions and odd-looking extensions filled with in-crowd-only jargon descriptions. Well, they're not very good at sharing this information in an easily-digested form, so to hell with it, let's get the simple stuff out there! We can worry about the expert-level stuff later.

Some Topics That I Should Write Blog Posts On