Anton's Research Ramblings

15 August 2012.


I wrote a set of shaders that displayed the camera data in 3d by converting the angles that I'd processed from the data into 3d positions (just along the x axis at the moment). It looked a bit boring as dots, so blew it up a bit and drew a face on it. I tried to add a "history" idea by having several copies of the vertex buffer that show the previous few states as a fading-to-transparency trail behind the current frame's data. I'm displaying it in real-time but that's not actually necessary - it could be stepped through incrementally. Then something strange happened...I'm very tired today and I accidentally uncommented the wrong line - and the experiment from a couple of days ago appeared in the background, but the state machine had changed the texture over to the little face... quite an unusual composition...I thought I'd have a play and uploaded some rather large mp3 and ogg audio files to test out HTML5's audio tags. It's surprisingly good - much faster than streaming youtube, and much much faster than downloading the whole file. It works well for big music tracks, but I'm not sure how useful it will be for shorter on-demand sound samples i.e. generated speech clips.

the background animation was a complete accident - but very amusing. click image for demo.