Anton's Research Ramblings

6 June 2012

Frames per Second

Added a frequency of rendering output to the virtual camera demo. I'm geting about 70-80 Hz on my little machine with Chrome and integrated graphics. It will be interesting to see the difference when I set up the other computer with a new graphics board. I should have made this first, so I could figure out what the hungry bits were as I added them in!

Intel Integrated AMD HD 7570
Chrome 32 70-80 Hz 60 Hz
Firefox 32 60 Hz ?
Chrome 64 n/a 60 Hz
Firefox 64 n/a 60 Hz

Edit: 12 July 2012: Chrome has a built in frame-limiter (vsynch) to prevent tearing. You can turn this off in about:flags to get it to run at higher rates.

Facial Animation and Talking Heads

Had a look at this demo which uses morph targets. Works pretty well. There's a read-later article on speech synthesis with a talking head in Italian with WebGL here.