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3D Graphics Optimisation Resources

I collecting optimisation guides, tools, and resources for 3D graphics programming, with particular focus on OpenGL. I'll put these on my OpenGL page in a little article when I have collected a few resources. I'll update this post as I get more things. Send me a message if you have a suggestion!

Nicholas Guillemot's "Programmable Pulling" (tweet)(github)

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Cracking into Doom WAD Files - Part ][

A did a short talk about rendering the WAD files from DOOM (1993) in OpenGL. The previous blog post discusses extracting the contents of the WAD files with some hexedit hackery. The slides should be embedded here:

Cracking into Doom (1993) WAD Files from Anton Gerdelan

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Cracking Open Doom .wad Files - Part I: Hexin'

A hobby project that has been on my list since about 1994 was to figure out Doom's (Id Software, 1993) data file format - the vaunted DOOM.WAD file. My brother and I used to enjoy making maps with 3rd-party editing tools around 1994/5, which was a nice way to get a grip on the 3D technology involved in the game. When I started programming I occasionally looked at the Doom source code to see

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Maths Textbooks

I asked in a tweet what everyone's favourite 3d maths textbooks/resources were for learning. Here is a summary of the responses. I ordered two of these books, and I have Lengyel's earlier book and a Graphics Codex membership, so I should be able to do a comparative review soon too.